Leather Holdall Bag Is an Investment in Style

What is a Holdall? It is the trendy and more stylish version of what used to be called a carry-all. It will hold all the work needed for a business trip or for teachers taking work home (laptop, notebook, files or binders). It works as an over nighter too. It may look like a large purse, but it can hold all the hair products or all the makeup in the house for a spur of the moment trip. It holds all!

All manner of shapes and sizes are out there. There are big ones, small ones, lightweight ones, wheeled ones, and even double decker ones. Whatever need may be, one of these bags that will hold it all. A few brands that offer holdalls are Samsonite, Antler, Jump, Unicorn, and Reisenthel. Brands that have a market for leather bags are Rowallan, Gianni Conti, and Natural Leather holdalls.

The Jump small travel bag is made from synthetic suede coated on polyester with top grain leather trim. It is the perfect size carry-on for airline travel and has a handy smart sleeve and rear ticket pocket. Fully lined featuring a map of the world design lining and interior pockets.

One double decker holdall would

Checks You Can Do To Determine Quality Of Your Leather Bag

Leather bag shopping is not always an easy task considering that the market is now saturated with fake cheap leathers, hardware that breaks down after a few uses and craftsmanship that is purely low in quality. On the other hand, very few buyers understand what a well-made leather product should feel and look like making it even harder for them to find the best quality bag.

When looking for real leather, try as much as possible to go for full grain leather. This is leather whose surface has not been coated or altered in any way such that the natural markings of the hide are masked. Remember that items that are made from leather splits taken from skin backside and then stamped with an artificial grain pattern and coated with painted surfaces can truly resemble full grain leather. These options will however still lack when it comes to durability and softness.

The feel and look

The two major factors that can help you determine the quality of the bag that you are about to settle for is the tanning process and the hide selection. It is also these two factors that largely command the price of your leather bag. Tanning process

7 Men’s Watches for the Refined Gentleman

Times and tastes change, but the luxury watches below are favorites among upper middle-class men for a variety of reasons. What brings these watches for men together is a combination of inimitable style and durability. But they’re quite different, and if you’re looking for the perfect holiday or end-of-year watch, these classic timepieces are ones to look at when it comes to the gift that can last a lifetime.

Cartier Tank Wristwatch

The Cartier Tank takes the prize for being a trendsetter on this list. Its almost spartan design has made it a favorite in terms of elegance and simplicity since 1917.

Famed as a favorite timepiece of President John F. Kennedy, the Cartier Tank is often credited for the design that inspired countless other wristwatches today.

Since those early days, it’s gone through a variety of different incarnations (over 200 of them), and starts at about $2,000, about a month’s rent for a Los Angeles two-bedroom apartment.

Jaeger-LeCoutre Master Control

The Master Control is a watch designed upon the standards of classic timepieces of the 1950’s while taking them one step further. The Jaeger-Lecoutre Master Control was put through a rigorous and unprecedented series of tests known as the “1000 hours control” ensuring some

Boho Fashionista, A Chic Style Statement

Tramp Boho style has been promoted and styled for several years. It included eccentric styles of life and its natural plans meeting with rich society. It was endearingly loved by youngsters who had confidence in development, free spirit and inventiveness. The term bohemian has no definition yet only an ingenious craftsmanship “what you wear to look different, not the same as others”. Bohemian style apparel, diverse and tribal, enthusiastically sentimental and down to earth, a stunning array and exotic blend of easy going vogue chic, incredibly street smart, and a blend of the bohemian shy flower child with a vintage look.

Bohemian is a beautiful instrument for new experiences such that you have not imagined. Boho Chic design styles wait on loose fitting long skirts, flowy tops and dresses that are embroidered and embellished with lace and are amazingly random in design.

Charming bohemian gypsy skirt adorned with hand embroidery, subtle blend of hues, forward and backward uneven hemlines, silver sequins work, flower print and paisley outlines, tiered and tie dye styles. Extremely relaxed and comfortable, cool, cottons delicate and rich woven fabric. It can be styled with various prints, vivid strap tops like tunics which gives an incredible look and

Creative Ways To Wear A White Dress For Summer Season

It is the perfect time to walk outside the house during the summer season. There are many kinds of outdoor activities to do such as swimming, walking on the beach, shopping or even eating burger with family and friends. If you want to stay fresh in this season, a white dress is the perfect outfit to wear. The temperature rises significantly. A comfortable white dress will save you from the extensive heat. It should be made of the breathable fabric which keeps the body cool. Some women think that a white dress is too plain to wear in this bright season. It is not true if you can make it work.

Edgy Summer Look

The summer styled outfit does not have to look feminine all of the time. The appearance will be edgy and modern if you put on a plain white dress and a black leather jacket. The footwear should be simple and comfortable. The black gladiator sandals are nice to wear. If you like to do some outdoor activities like window shopping at the malls or market, complement the look with mirrored sunglasses. You will look cool and stylish. If you are afraid of developing boring look, consider wearing

3 Reasons to Buy or Gift Heart Shaped Pendants

A properly matched jewellery can do wonders for your overall look and appeal, especially if the jewellery is a neckpiece. Whether you wear a sleek chain with a pendant or a heavy necklace for a special occasion, it is sure to add perfect and appeal to your overall look and attire. Everyone has their own reason to purchase a beautiful pendant; however, if you want to look girlie and add elegance to your overall look, a heart shaped pendant is a perfect choice. Due to its shape, a lot of people consider a heart pendant to be a symbol of love and affection and that is the reason these pendants make a perfect gift choice.

Here are top 3 reasons why it is a smart idea to buy a best heart shaped pendant:

Always in Vogue

These pendants never go out of fashion; in fact, a beautiful pendant when gifted on a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or the date can make the moment memorable. Created with precision in mind, these pendants are definitely worth gifting. A heart shaped pendant that is gifted today can easily be worn for many years to come. Also, this pendant come at a competitive price, which makes it

Women’s Shoes – The Most Popular Heel Types

High heeled women’s shoes come in different heel types. The heel that you settle for can determine the overall look of the shoe and comfort when wearing or walking in your shoes. Considering that high heeled shoes are said to add to the gracefulness of a woman’s walking style, many women love them compared to flats. Luckily the heels can be high, mid or low so you are able to choose a length that you can comfortably walk in and match with your outfit too.

1. Pumps: They are simply known as high heels. They are wider standing between 2 and 3 inches in height. The heels have a low cut around the front.

2. Kitten heels: They are stylish and low, making them ideal for work events and even parties. They are the best when you are looking for comfort and fashion without the need for extra height. Their low nature makes them suitable for all day wearing.

3. Sling back heels: The sling back heels have a strap that goes around the Achilles heel back, unlike the ankle strap heels. They offer a more elegant look and at the same time stabilize the shoe and movement.

4. Platform: These heels can

Buying The Best Designer Men’s Shoes

Shoes are not just a woman’s thing, even men do value shoes as important accessories for every outfit they wear. Designer men’s shoes are designed with quality and style in mind and you can find both casual and dress shoes. Since the shoes are in so many styles you can have a wardrobe that is as versatile as you wish for it to be. The designer shoes may be expensive to buy, but they will serve your needs for a very long time. But to get it right with your purchase, there are things that you need to know first.

The styles

Designer dress shoes

They are for formal occasions like office wear, formal events like weddings and for evening wear. They are commonly in black or brown leather, but you can find other colors too, and they feature leather soles, leather lining and leather uppers. The method of fastening is what is used to group the shoes.

Boots – Dress boots extend above the ankles and are best for cold, wet weather, but they can be just as good for daytime formal wear. The shoes can be slip-ons or feature lace up fastenings. The dress boots are a bit expensive compared