New Rules for Trimming Your Energy Costs – Plan Your Work Wardrobe to Save Time, Energy, and Money

One of the best ways to save time, energy, and money is by actually planning your work wardrobe as opposed to haphazardly throwing it together with various unrelated items that you happened to catch on sale.

The base of your work wardrobe is going to be what is called your power outfit. This is the outfit that you wear when you need to close the deal, sign the new client, or get the newest superstar signed to your team. You feel fabulous and powerful when you wear this outfit. Then, we will take this outfit and break it down to its basics to create other great outfits.

These outfits then become your uniforms. You have uniform A, uniform B, and uniform C. If you really want to have fun, you can give these uniforms names, almost like they are your alter egos. So let’s go through an example.

Let’s say your power outfit is this amazing red skirt suit. You also consider it your lucky outfit. Every time you wear it, your confidence is sky high and you feel amazing. You always wear this red skirt suit with an ivory silk sleeveless shell top and a basic pair of black high heels.


Unlock Your Potential With Eye-Popping Color Combinations for Your Wardrobe

We are not in Kansas anymore! That is one of the most frequently quoted lines from a movie. That line is uttered when Dorothy arrives in a land full of color after being swept away from the dreary black and white landscape in Kansas. And while your wardrobe may not be so dreary that it inspires the song “Over the Rainbow,” wouldn’t it be nice to add some eye-popping color combinations to your wardrobe? So let’s journey into a new land filled with color. You can leave your ruby red slippers and dog Toto behind.

There are so many eye-popping, soul-stirring, mouth-watering color combinations to choose from, but here are a few ideas that you can put together depending on what you’re working with in your closet.

Khaki green and gold: There is a reason why the military has so many shiny medals, bars, and stars on their uniforms. It looks fierce as hell. For work, you can wear a khaki green pencil skirt, a shimmery gold top, and gold high heels. Or for a night on the town, wear a khaki green jumpsuit with gold bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

This next color combination is very sleek and inspired by modern art.

Make Over Your Work Wardrobe With Zero Down Payment

As a real estate professional and woman, you are used to working with clients and their unique financing options to purchase a home, including down payments, fixed interest rates, short sales, and maybe even the zero down payment. You understand that sometimes, you need to be creative.

If only you applied this creativity to your wardrobe. Throw open your closet doors. How bored are you with your wardrobe? What if you could make over your wardrobe with zero down payment? Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not-pinch yourself! This is real.

The best way to makeover your work wardrobe is to go shopping in your very own closet. If you are like most women, you have just been accumulating clothes over the years, and now, you only actually wear a very small percentage of your actual wardrobe. You’ve forgotten the treasures that lie within. Imagine that you are Indiana Jones, searching for the lost temple of style.

Let’s say you find something buried way back in your closet. It’s a black dress that you used to wear to work. But then, you only started wearing it on certain occasions, like weddings, funerals, and church. You need to bring this back

Don’t Believe the Hype! Urban Wear Isn’t Only for City Slickers

Does your wardrobe still have street cred? Is it still sophisticated? Still chic? Still urban? Or has it gone full suburban? Just because you shop at Pottery Barn, use recipes from Martha Stewart, and attend bi-weekly Mommy & Me classes does not mean you have to give up your street cred.

Urban wear is only for city slickers. You can still rock it in the suburbs; you just have to know how to do it. There are three different ingredients you can sprinkle into your wardrobe to keep it a little gangsta.

The first is a simple t-shirt. These are not the stack of colorful t-shirts on display when you enter Gap at the mall. These are t-shirts that have funny sayings, have the logo of your favorite band, or have a cool burnout effect on it. These are t-shirts that say, “I know I’m cool.” Now, to pull off wearing one of these types of t-shirts at your age, you need to mix and match it properly. You can wear it under a cardigan, wear it under a blazer, or rock it with a traditional pencil skirt at work. To see this look pulled off flawlessly, check out some of

Tips On How To Dress Your Child In Costumes

We all love our children and want the best for them. It’s common for parents to dress their children in costumes. If you are fond of doing it, you should dress your child appropriately. To help you out, here are tips that you should put into consideration:

Don’t make the child too scary

You might have an imagination of a scary look that you would like to give your child but you shouldn’t overdo it. You can dress him as a scary devil costume but you shouldn’t go overboard. For example, you shouldn’t douse the toddler in blood and gore as it isn’t a good idea. When the child sees his reflection in the mirror he will start screaming. Making the child too scary has also been shown to affect the child’s self-esteem. This is common when guests flinch and avoid the child when they see him.

Don’t dress up the kid as a drug

Regardless of how much you love getting high, you shouldn’t transfer your behavior to the kids. To avoid staring eyes you shouldn’t dress up the kid as an illicit drug. You also shouldn’t dress him as a legal drug. When you do it you give the children the

Leather Holdall Bag Is an Investment in Style

What is a Holdall? It is the trendy and more stylish version of what used to be called a carry-all. It will hold all the work needed for a business trip or for teachers taking work home (laptop, notebook, files or binders). It works as an over nighter too. It may look like a large purse, but it can hold all the hair products or all the makeup in the house for a spur of the moment trip. It holds all!

All manner of shapes and sizes are out there. There are big ones, small ones, lightweight ones, wheeled ones, and even double decker ones. Whatever need may be, one of these bags that will hold it all. A few brands that offer holdalls are Samsonite, Antler, Jump, Unicorn, and Reisenthel. Brands that have a market for leather bags are Rowallan, Gianni Conti, and Natural Leather holdalls.

The Jump small travel bag is made from synthetic suede coated on polyester with top grain leather trim. It is the perfect size carry-on for airline travel and has a handy smart sleeve and rear ticket pocket. Fully lined featuring a map of the world design lining and interior pockets.

One double decker holdall would

Checks You Can Do To Determine Quality Of Your Leather Bag

Leather bag shopping is not always an easy task considering that the market is now saturated with fake cheap leathers, hardware that breaks down after a few uses and craftsmanship that is purely low in quality. On the other hand, very few buyers understand what a well-made leather product should feel and look like making it even harder for them to find the best quality bag.

When looking for real leather, try as much as possible to go for full grain leather. This is leather whose surface has not been coated or altered in any way such that the natural markings of the hide are masked. Remember that items that are made from leather splits taken from skin backside and then stamped with an artificial grain pattern and coated with painted surfaces can truly resemble full grain leather. These options will however still lack when it comes to durability and softness.

The feel and look

The two major factors that can help you determine the quality of the bag that you are about to settle for is the tanning process and the hide selection. It is also these two factors that largely command the price of your leather bag. Tanning process

7 Men’s Watches for the Refined Gentleman

Times and tastes change, but the luxury watches below are favorites among upper middle-class men for a variety of reasons. What brings these watches for men together is a combination of inimitable style and durability. But they’re quite different, and if you’re looking for the perfect holiday or end-of-year watch, these classic timepieces are ones to look at when it comes to the gift that can last a lifetime.

Cartier Tank Wristwatch

The Cartier Tank takes the prize for being a trendsetter on this list. Its almost spartan design has made it a favorite in terms of elegance and simplicity since 1917.

Famed as a favorite timepiece of President John F. Kennedy, the Cartier Tank is often credited for the design that inspired countless other wristwatches today.

Since those early days, it’s gone through a variety of different incarnations (over 200 of them), and starts at about $2,000, about a month’s rent for a Los Angeles two-bedroom apartment.

Jaeger-LeCoutre Master Control

The Master Control is a watch designed upon the standards of classic timepieces of the 1950’s while taking them one step further. The Jaeger-Lecoutre Master Control was put through a rigorous and unprecedented series of tests known as the “1000 hours control” ensuring some